What is the most inspiring thing anyone has every said to you?

This is a dialogue quotation from “The Office” … Question: “What is the most inspiring thing I every said to you?” Answer: “Don’t Be An Idiot – changed my life. Whenever I’m about to do something I think ‘Would An Idiot Do That?’ and if they would, I do NOT do that thing. ” What is the most inspiring thing anyone has every said to you? Did it change your life? Tell me what’s the most inspiring thing anyone has ever said to you in Continue reading →

How to Get People Tweeting About Your Product

Take a lesson from the Kraft marketing handbook, add you own twist and see what happens. Kraft ran a Twitter promotion in which the company identified pairs of people tweeting about Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and then contacted them, awarding prizes to the first to respond. This simple campaign garnered 1.5 MILLION tweets, yet it only cost the company awards of t-shirts and boxes of Mack and Cheese. This idea can easily be adapted to your own business. Simply offer free downloads to the winners, Continue reading →

Borrowing a Page From Group Buying for Your IM Business

No doubt you’re heard of Groupon. That’s the site that offers a special deal each day, but only IF enough people say they want the deal. And there are other group buying sites, too, such as LivingSocial. Even Facebook and The New York Times have jumped on the group buying bandwagon. So how can this help your business? Here are 3 ideas you can implement immediately… Ask your customers which products you should develop. This can be as easy as using a like button or Continue reading →

There’s a Marketing Lesson Here (Somewhere)

You’ll remember that in 2008 an Iraqi journalist threw his shoe at then President George W. Bush? Slapping your shoe against someone is one of the biggest insults you can offer in the Arab world, although it’s doubtful President Bush knew this. What is known is that since the incident, sales of this particular shoe (now dubbed the “Bye-Bye Bush” shoe) have increased 4-fold and the shoe company has hired 100 new employees just to keep up with demand. Marketing lesson learned? No, it’s not Continue reading →

Unconventional Marketing Idea

No doubt, a $20 bill lying about is an attention grabber and a way to get your prospect to read your advertising. The question is – will s/he associate their sense of disappointment at it NOT being a $20 bill with your business? If you handle it right then much of the negative feelings are diffused by the first line of the ad, email, or article, which admits culpability and then offers to “make up for it with $20 off.” Clever and smart! This could Continue reading →

Unsubscribes can be good for you

You shouldn’t worry about getting unsubscribes from your list. You mustn’t be afraid to hear the answer “NO”. IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN. In fact, it’s going to happen A LOT if youre active online. It’s not personal, so don’t take it personally. Embrace it. Learn to appreciate it. You see, the more times you ask, and even hear “no”, the more opportunities you have to hear a “yes”! And, guess what … No’s can lead to yes’s. Sometimes a no can uncover a problem, objection, Continue reading →

Play the Numbers Game

You might not want to hear this, but it’s actually quite true – sales IS a numbers game. The more people you contact, the more products you produce, the more salespages you put online, the more ads you pay for, the more presentations you make, the more emails you send, the more articles you write, the more videos you post online, the more you post on Facebook, the more forum posts you make … the more you’ll sell. Get out there and start selling! It’s Continue reading →