No Such Thing As Bad Publicity?

Charlie Sheen’s recent meltdown has garnered him $292 million in free publicity.

And while some may argue that this is not the sort of publicity anyone should seek, think of this: If a network or studio needs to hire an actor, are they going to go with the safe bet no one pays much attention to, or the “rock star from mars” that garners free publicity everywhere he goes?

Because whoever casts him for their next project is going to receive a LOT of free press coverage of their own simply for casting him, and that can translate into major money at the box office or in television advertising revenues.

So what does this mean for your Internet Marketing business?

Think of innovative ways to make headlines in your niche, no matter what your niche might be.

And by all means get it on video so it can be watched over and over again by the movers, shakers and aficionados of your niche.

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