Did you go to University? … maybe your children will never have that opportunity …

I didn’t go to university … I had a place booked … the course chosen … I got all the required grades at my exams … But, I decided I was more interested in working … and learning in a working environment … than in spending several years at university … I’ve made my way in life … achieved a lot of things … and I don’t think the lack of a university degree has really hindered me … A lot of the choices that Continue reading →

Facebook’s New Page Layouts

I was looking at some of my Facebook pages yesterday, because I was planning to update some of the page headers and was shocked to see a completely different layout style, so I temporarily aborted my planned changes until I could determine exactly the dimensions needed for the new layout. When I did some further investigation, it seems it’s not a blanket change … it’s more of a rollout of a test of a new design … and my pages seem to have been selected Continue reading →

Be Careful Not To Repel Your Visitors

A magnet has the power to both attract and repel, and your content is no different. Also, the power of a magnet is greatly reduced if it is pointing away from what it is trying to attract, and, again, the same principle applies to your content. You want to make sure that it’s certain to attract customers and buyers, and it isn’t going to repel. It’s all too easy to create content that actually turns your customers away and repels them from your webpages, your Continue reading →

Could You Become A Customer Magnet?

If you want to become a customer magnet and attract customers like never before, then you have to go a little beyond the ordinary. You need to be different. You need to be daring. You need to do something to stand out and make yourself distinctive in a marketplace crowded with “me too” marketers all clamoring for the attention of the same prospects and customers. If you really want to get noticed, you actually have two choices 1. You can pay for traffic to come Continue reading →

Create Your Next Product in 10 Days (Or Less)

Work expands to fill the time allotted – and even more time beyond that – if you don’t have a hard deadline. Thus, if you make it a goal to finish your new ebook in 3 months, at the 3 month mark you’ll either just be finishing, or worse yet you’ll realize you’re only halfway done. If, however, you had a hard launch date, then you’ll have the book ready. Deadlines are a magnificent thing – they give you permission to ignore the email, ignore Continue reading →

6 Essential Tips for making your content special

You probably already know how important content is for communicating your message, getting traffic and making sales. But you might be overlooking a few things that makes your content truly great …   1. Write for your readers, NOT for the search engines. Sometimes we get so caught up in optimizing our content for SEO that we forget we’re really writing for our readers and not Google. Create content that is useful for people, that helps them, educates them and entertains them. Make SEO your Continue reading →

The 4 Most Common YouTube Blunders

YouTube is a great tool for marketing your business – if you can avoid the pitfalls…   Mistake #1 – Thinking all you need to do is upload a video and traffic will flood your website. No less than 35 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute, so the competition to get your video seen by viewers is insane. There are tons of high-quality videos that never get more than a few thousand views, and no doubt many more that get even fewer Continue reading →

Can You make A Successful Business Using Ugly Models?

In our quest for success, we often imitate others who are already successful, hoping to duplicate what they’ve already done. And while modeling others is indeed an excellent success tactic, it results in numerous people in the same niche all doing the same things with very little differentiation. Obviously it’s difficult to attract attention or customers when you’re looking like and acting like everyone else – so why not do the opposite? There is a modeling agency in the U.K. that has been doing exactly Continue reading →

Can A Former Marijuana Smuggler Make Good?

Here’s a really great example of doing the opposite of what anyone else would do. Brian O’dea posted the following ad when looking for work. Employment Wanted – Former Marijuana Smuggler Having successfully completed a ten year sentence, incident-free, for importing 75 tons of marijuana into the United States. I am now seeking a legal and legitimate means to support my self and my family. Business Experience – Owned and operated a successful fishing business – multi-vessel, one airplane, one island and processing facility. Simultaneously Continue reading →

No Such Thing As Bad Publicity?

Charlie Sheen’s recent meltdown has garnered him $292 million in free publicity. And while some may argue that this is not the sort of publicity anyone should seek, think of this: If a network or studio needs to hire an actor, are they going to go with the safe bet no one pays much attention to, or the “rock star from mars” that garners free publicity everywhere he goes? Because whoever casts him for their next project is going to receive a LOT of free Continue reading →